By vivianleung

Besides training to become a better clinical pharmacist and researcher, Vivian Leung enjoys karaoke, the piano, sushi, and frappuccino. When she travels, she takes at least 100 pictures a day...even on a slow day.


In today‚Äôs experiment, we are going to isolate chemical A, purify chemical B, quantify chemical C, and characterize chemical D. Then we will somehow combine A, B, C, and D in a Dr. Frankensteinesque attempt to synthesize chemical E. Chemicals A, B, C, and D are probably interchangeable, and there is no particular sequence in which the reactions need to take place. No lab manuals, and no rules. Experiment ad lib! We should expect a small explosion which will consist of a bang, a crack, and a flash of light. Scary, perhaps, but it is not at all dangerous…. Or…