By Vladimir Cristache

Vladimir is a 3rd year student in the English Honours Programme at UBC. His admiration for the plays of Samuel Beckett combined with his ardent Marxism have inspired him to write this piece. When asked, in regard to the piece, whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel for mankind, he replied like the famous philosopher Zizek: sure there's a light, but it's probably the light from another train heading towards us.


A One Act Tragicomedy based on the style and characters of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot – – – A city street in Vancouver. No trees. Dawn. The near future. Vladimir flat on the ground. Sleeping. Estragon standing, teeth clenched, pressing buttons on his flip cell phone. Flips it open, flips it closed, flips it open. His frustration grows. Estragon: Go to hell! (Throws phone to the ground, the phone bounces and resounds.) Vladimir (awoken): That’s where we’re going. Estragon (picks up phone, pockets it): You’re awake! I thought you’d never wake up. Vladimir (pointing towards Estragon’s pocket): No signal?…