Being an insect is certainly not easy. Having two long antennae, six legs, two wings, and three body segments, I make people become afraid of me. They may step on me because of their fear, or they might keep me in a cage. Also, it is extremely hard to defend myself against these threats. I may be able to fly, but I many never want to go back to my classroom. I think my family will not recognize me, although I want them to. If they don’t recognize me, I might just as well join the other insects.

– – –

These pieces were composed during the May 13th session of the Science Creative Literacy Symposia. During this day, students examined the many wonders of insects (using microscopes, and from resin collections, as well as from the Spencer Entomology Collection). Afterwards, students were then asked to design their own insect, as well as compose a postcard written as if they had been turned into an insect. More pieces from this class can be seen here.