These pieces were composed during the May 13th session of the Science Creative Literacy Symposia. During this day, students examined the many wonders of insects (using microscopes, and from resin collections, as well as from the Spencer Entomology Collection). Afterwards, students were then asked to design their own insect, as well as compose a postcard written as if they had been turned into an insect.

– – –

Dear Mom and Nick,

I have been living the life of a beetle. It’s not very easy. The people will try and hurt you and don’t care about what you think. I look very different now, because I AM AN INSECT! I have lamellate antenna and c chewing mouth which is very pointy. I don’t only have 2 legs, I have 6 legs. I am very sensitive. Please help me.

Love, Adrienne.

~Adrienne Chen

– – –

Dear Family,

I have turned into an insect and it’s not too bad. I get to scurry around the floor, avoiding dangers. That is so cool.

Love Jacky.

~Jacky Ng

– – –

My dear family,

Hi~ How are you doing? Well, I’m not doing very well. I have been turned into an insect. Being an insect is so scary – have to avoid humans, animals, and the weather. Many things can destroy me easily, if they want. Being a human is way more better.


~Sunny Chen

– – –

To mom,

I am a bug and it feels very different. I sort of like it. I have food and I can fly. I hope you are not scared of me because I am still your son. I hope to come home soon.

Love Jason.

~Jason Hoang

– – –

It feels strange and small being an insect. It feels like your arms or legs are going to fall off any second. It feels like you’re going to get squashed any moment and die.


– – –

I have recently turned into an insect. I feel that whenever I’m outside, I’m in danger. Every time, I look at myself, I feel like I don’t belong and my friends would never talk to me. I hear and see everything differently, than what I used to. I don’t feel like eating any more food like I used to, but instead, I eat grass and leaves.

~Edward Nguyen

– – –

Dear Family,

I have turned into an insect, and I don’t think you would recognize me anymore. Trying to walk on six legs is very challenging, because I was always taught to walk on two. Everything seems so BIG! I have to always try to stay hidden or else, people would attempt to kill me. I’m also starting to find leaves very delicious. My antennae are getting annoying because it’s very sensitive, but I have to learn to live with it. Please don’t kill any insects you see, because one of those insects might be me.

~Aliana Carlos

– – –

Dear Mom and Dad,

Being an insect is not fun. Walking with six legs is harder than it looks. When I look at you, you are ten million trillion times bigger than me. I am just a grain of sand.

Love our son,

~Tony Kwok

– – –

Dear Family,

It is not fun to be an insect. Everybody is so big compared to you, and you know that at any moment, you could get squashed. Be careful and try not to end up like me.

Love, Your Beetle, Lily

~Lily Wang

– – –

Dear Family members,

Being an insect is awesome. I get to fly and eat leaves. The only disadvantage is that I might get eaten by other insects. The only way I can defend myself is by flying away.

Sincerely, Lady Bug

p.s. I will not be home for a long time.

~Philip Li

– – –

Being an insect is really different than being a human. You walk with six legs and you have wings. You get to certain places faster, and transportation is easier. There are no traffic lights. You don’t go to school, but you need to pollenate plants. People try to kill me, and you need to stay away from humans, but you do learn how to talk “insect language.”

~Alice He

– – –

To Family,

I am much smaller now. I hope you still like me, or don’t think I am gross now. And if I came home, please watch out for me. You might step on me, even though you might not try to. That is just how small I am now. I don’t think I would like to come stay in my bedroom. Still, though – so if I do come, I will only visit for a few days.

From Beetle

~Harvir Dhaliwal

– – –

To: Family.

When I woke up this morning, I turned into an insect and it was really difficult for me to walk, fly, and I was really scared. I finally got home after this hard day, and none of you guys recognized me. I am sad and scared now, and I am hiding in a corner of my room.

From Wilson

~Wilson Wang