We walked into the lab full of science.
Promise for work, excitement, and discovery awaited
We had an experiment to do

We picked a plant, pink, purple or green
We went up in groups refining it
Turning it to powder with a crackling and squelching
The nitrogen froze it brittle we ground it mortar and pestle

We put it in bottles, filling it with a forest scent
But then we destroyed it, with acetone yet
It turned from transparent to green,
But soon it was ready to be changed yet again

More bottles were assembled, silica, acetone filled
We then added our liquid green mixture
Pouring it through a chemical filter
Letting it sit to make the answer clearer

Then it was done, ready for analysis
Under the UV light, showing shades of red, yellow and green
It was chlorophyll, redirecting the light
Changing green to a reddish beautiful sight
This experiment has more than the eye can see

It makes me think of what we see and what we don’t
If it cannot be seen is it real?
If it cannot be sensed, what is it then?
Are dreams real? Thoughts real? Maybe another dimension?

Can something unseen become seen, become real?
I ask you this question in hopes for an answer
So could column chromatography prove what is the almighty truth?

– – –

(Written during a Science Creative Literacy Symposia – more pieces can be viewed here)