“It’s not as if we were asking (the chimps) to give blood or write cheques to tsunami victims.”
Joan Silk of the University of California, Los Angeles, part of a team that looked for evidence that chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) will help other members of their group. The study revealed that apes don’t seem to give a monkey’s ass about their pals. (Nature)

“Sword swallowing thus raises at least two uncertainties. What is the incidence of complications, and how often do they stomach it?”
Brian Witcombe, radiologist consultant, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, UK on the incidence of esophageal perforations and other complications of sword swallowing. (BMJ, UK)

“Start making children soon. Don’t let me down.”
Chinese Consul Peng Ren Dong during the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony held for 5-year-old male Chuang Chuang and 4-year-old female Lin Hui, at a Thai zoo. (MSNBC)

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Serbs line up for testicle shocks.

Six degrees of separation at sea: Even dolphins are linked to Kevin Bacon.

There’s a humongous fungus among us.