“We have done what we can for him but he may never regain use of the organ again, at least for sexual purposes.”
Doctor Nicolae Bacalbasa in Galati, Romania, on a farmer who broke his penis by dropping a sack of grain on it while ogling his wife. (Ananova.com)
“It wasn’t like people were holding off until the ninth inning and then running to the emergency department.”
Children’s Hospital Boston researcher John Brownstein on the drop in emergency room visits during the Boston Red Sox games. (Boston Globe)
“Tracking them with advanced technologies and observing their sex activities might help us find ways to avoid their extinction.”
Wei Fuwen, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Sciences on a three-year, $660,000 “Peeping Tom” project being conducted by the Academy and the Zoological Society of San Diego at the Foping Natural Reserve in northwest China’s Shaanxi province to observe secretive giant panda mating.  (Physorg.com)

“It’s not surprising that many swear words are variations on the ‘son of a whore’ theme or refer graphically to the genitalia of the person’s mother or sisters.”
Guy Deutscher, a linguist at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and the author of The Unfolding of Language: An Evolutionary Tour of Mankindâs Greatest Invention, on cursing. (New York Times)

* * *

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