We have been getting some lovely haikus for our phylogeny project, and hope to continue getting more (need a good large data set to make this phylohaiku tree impressive looking).

Anyway, here are some that work:

bottom of a row-
boat, in a pool of rainwater,
the mayflies orgy
~Nathan Smith

Warmed against the wind
by the sky-grey coat of fur
later shed and smoothed
~Robert Isenberg

See insectica
Seven Lepidopterae
Spotted Danaidae
~Nan Spiers

Eight legs pirouette
Spinning a muted music:
Arachnid ballet.
~George Motisher

A raucous gray wedge,
Purposeful, splits the pale sky.
Once again, the geese.
~George Motisher

Coral, grows real slow
Beautiful colors rising high
Boat prop, the end is real quick
~Elizabeth Prata

O’ C. elegans,
You blueprint organism,
From you come my plans.
~Leah Prentice

Content flantulance
Their only conversation
Unknowing burgers.
~Mark Langford

Toothy dinosaur.
The Tyrannosaurus Rex
Ate the herbivores!
~Dave Kristof

…Some that don’t

I hate ligations
Failure is a common theme
Let someone else try
~Kaan Biron

Why not a pixie,
For haiku phylogeny,
They exist to me.
~Leah Prentice

Avogadro’s rule
So incomprehensible
But not by Perrin
~Elizabeth Prata

Tens of synapses,
firing erractically.
A new thought arises.
~Peter B. Reiner

The chilling winds whirl.
Microbe civilizations
Rise in fallen leaves.
~George Motisher

My phylogeny
From goofy infant nonsense
To enlightenment
~Nan Spiers

…an example of one that sort of works

Warm, dew-soaked earth that
Beckons both robin and worm
Latter pounced, consumed
~Kathleen Miglia

…and an example of one which is not even close

Kitten kitten, frosty iced kitten
bear meat, extra extra gooey
slick slick Samoen kick out the jams kid!
~Timber Masterson

…keep them coming…