Something a little different this time, people. This month’s Hot Science-y Guy of the Month isn’t a guy (as if you need me to tell you that). But she is hot (like en fuego-y and muy caliente hot). And she’s very science-y. So in the words of the beloved rock-icon-named-after-a-comfort food, Meatloaf, two outta three ain’t bad. And when you’re Nuvia Crisol Guerra, that’s the total opposite of bad!

Nuvia Crisol Guerra. Okay, that’s just a hot name right there. Nuvia. Nuvia. Like she’s a supermodel or a sports car. I’d never heard of a Nuvia before this Nuvia. I even tried looking up the name on and there’s no listing for it. Which isn’t surprising, really. She’s definitely one-of-a-kind and her parents clearly knew what they were doing when they named her Nuvia instead of Steve or Brian.

When Nuvia isn’t going around just being all hot and science-y as a molecular biologist in San Diego, she travels all over being hot and artsy. That’s right – she’s got her feet firmly planted in the worlds of both the nerds and the flakes – but when your legs are as long as Nuvia’s, that’s easily done. (See more of Nuvia’s artwork here, here, here and here. Please note that I can neither confirm nor deny that the legs in the paintings are hand-rendered facsimiles of the painter’s.)

Oh, and here’s another thing that’s a little different this month, folks. I’ve actually met this person! I can personally vouch for her real-life hotness and science-y-ness, and she wears this really nicely-scented body cream, and she bought me the first and only authentic tamale this Toronto-girl has ever had.

So ladies, don’t hate Nuvia Crisol Guerra because she’s beautiful. But by all means feel free to hate Nuvia Crisol Guerra because she’s ultra-brainy and super-talented and funny and kind and smells good and has a super-talented wonderful boyfriend who truly adores her with every fibre of his gifted being. (He’s not so science-y, but he does do stuff like this.

Okay, so do we all feel like crap now? Well, I do. So in lieu of a big bag of chips and a hot fudge sundae for everyone, here’s a picture of Sparky, the smokin’ hot In A Fix electrician:

There now – don’t we all feel better?