How do I hate thee Alzheimers? Let me
count the ways.

Confusion, anger, memory loss –
it’s like a giant maze.

Twists and turns in emotional sorrow
that will still continue on tomorrow.

For some very unfortunate people
this is the way of life,
for how would you feel if this was
you or someone you love as if your wife?

Such a horrible thing to come across
you’re so lucky to avoid such a loss.

– – –

This piece was composed during the May 14th session of the Science Creative Literacy Symposia. During this day, students were given a tour of various human organ systems, and allowed a chance to explore them with microscopes. Afterwards, students were then asked to compose an ode to an organ of their choice. Herein we present pieces concerning love or hatred for parts of the body. More pieces from this class can be seen here.