(Two pieces written on April 26th, 2010. Everyone in the class had a chance to explore the microbial world with microscopes.)

– – –


It was a rainy day at the marsh and a new difflugia microbe just formed. It looked like a piece of candy – the sound it made was a “crunch” and it smelled very bitter and dusty. Its goal was to build a big strong shell.

The marsh it lived in was very muddy so it didn’t really have room to work on its shell. All of a sudden, it sees a rock floating by. So it jumps on it! Finally, it has time to work on its shell. Then the rock starts to shake: it’s a water beetle and it’s really hungry!

The difflugia got away with three legs not four. It is happy that it managed to escape alive. From behind a bush, a frog jumps out and scoops it by its massive tongue. While being digested, the difflugia knows it’s because of karma. It didn’t want to work hard in its natural environment and it tried to make it easy by climbing onto a rock and then ended up being eaten by a frog.

~ Andrew Hutanu

– – –


Holly Hydrodictyon was the nicest microbe who ever lived. Her smile was brighter than her body, which looked like a bright blue tube net. The only goal Holly had was to make friends with Victoria Vorticella, the meanest microbe EVER!

All of Holly’s friends told her to give up, but Holly refused to stop trying to make friends with Victoria. Holly tried giving Victoria gifts and being super nice but that just made Victoria more snobby!

Finally, Holly tried to treat Victoria the way that she had been treating them (all the microbes), and surprisingly, it worked! Victoria “the mean” became Victoria “the nice!”

Holly was very happy. Victoria was her friend and she accomplished her goal. She even learned a lesson in there too. I know what it is, do you?

~ Emma Sové