You are fine, what did you say your name is again? Mm. You got a way aboutcha, no lie. I like the way you cuuuuuuuurve so seductively around massive objects, baby, and I am dying to see how much you curve around this. You give me different looks, I like that, always something new to discover about you. I feel I can dig pretty deep into your mysteries and oh lordy do you have mysteries. You’re charming but you’ve also got depth, underneath the surface there’s something so consistent about you. Dependable. You’re not a flake is what I’m saying, you’ve got character. How old did you say you are? Baby you don’t look it, no joke. I wouldn’t put you a day over 5 billion years, tops. Hell no I’m not kidding! Expanding? I don’t know about that, baby, all I know is you look damn good from where I’m sitting. It’s cute how you blush. You’re so modest and so real sweetie, I love how you’re finite but unbounded. I love that about you. Where the hell did you come from anyway? No wait, don’t answer that. I kinda like not knowing.

Oh honey, I could spend my whole life exploring you. I wanna send my unmanned probe into your darkest reaches, sugar. Where you been all my life, hot thing? What? Ohhhhh honey, don’t tell me that, not now when I’m all worked up. You don’t need to collapse, we can make another big bang right here. Damn, and you’re still shaking a little from the last one too. No no, leave the lights on.

* * *