Mallika and Anne approach the school on bikes.

Mallika: It’s so nice out today! The sun’s out an the birds are chirping! She sighs and smiles.

Anne: Yes, it’s a great day for bike riding. Mallika nods in agreement.

Drew enters quickly in an SUV and almost runs Mallika and Anne over.

Mallika: HEY! Watch out! You have to be careful in such an environment destroying pleasure monstrosity!

Anne: You almost hurt us!

Drew: If you were driving a car, you’d be more noticeable and there would be a problem in the first place!

Mallika: If you were walking or biking, our planet wouldn’t be going through global warming.

Luke and Lauren enter and break up the fight.

Luke: Whoah! Chill out! What is wrong with you guys?!

Mallika: He’s killin the environment with his stupid HUMMER!

Drew: She’s just jealous because she can’t afford a beast like this!

Luke: Okay, you (pointing at Mallika) you’re just a tree hugger, and you (pointing at Drew), you’re nothing but a spoiled brat.

Lauren: You guys are just overreacting! Just drop it and leave one another alone.

Mallika: You know what, Luke, I’m sorry. I think there’s a lesson to be learned. We need to find the middle to our extremes. You can still have a cool car without owning a complete gas eater – and I don’t have to be so protective of something I don’t own!

Drew: Yeah, I don’t want our Earth to die… Maybe, I can hire someone to recycle all of my stuff… and get a more environmentally safe car.

Everyone: Yeah! Great idea. Everyone high fives each other.


– – –

This is material composed during a Science Creative Literacy Symposia on alternative fuels and screenplay writing. A YouTube video of students performing this piece can be found here.