This is a collaborative poem written by Grade 5 and 6 students on the contents of a “jar.” This jar was a prop that was used to discuss poetry and science, as well as segue into a DIY cloud chamber activity for detection of sub atomic particles.

– – –

I am SAD inside but HAPPY outside. Please tell me ME. What am I? … I think I am an empty jar.
The jar is full of cold air.
The jar is full of cold SAD air.
What’s in the jar?
In the jar, there is air.
In the jar, lays memories.
In the jar, secrets are hidden.
In the jar, wars have ended.
In the jar, fire is burning.
My memories are fading.

There was a jar. It was a miracle jar, full of mystery. The mystery of what is in the jar. Puzzled, the class examined the jar, and figured out that there was a FURRY creature… a LLAMA!
There was a time when a girl went to UBC and had to imagine something in a jar. She imagined a beautiful llama.
In the jar is something not far, might not be yellow, but sure is mellow!
I believe there are a billion emojis in the jar!

In this jar is… ANYTHING you want.
In the jar, there is creativity trying to find a way out of the jar.
I think the jar is the world, science and creativity.
Gravity. Gravity is in an amazing thing inside a… jar!

In the jar, there is a dream.
There are what things do you want to be, like magic!
I think there are invisible words.
In the jar is a mystery that could make history.

I think there is a mythical griffon in the jar.
I think Madame F is in the jar.
There is oxygen in the jar.
There is AIR in the JAR.

Once a turquoise panther found a fez and so he decided to put it on. He really liked it so he decided to go hunting. When he was hunting, he saw some prey in the jar, so he shrunk down and jumped into the jar. But then he realized it was a trick, and got locked in the jar.

What is in this jar is my favourite goalie in hockey. Cary Price. He is the best goalie in the NHL!
The air that we breathe is in the jar.
In this jar is emotion and devotion. The jar represents life and emotion. But don’t fret or forget, that’s just what I see.
The jar could be anything, as long as you think.