Bitten off More

Small tin open like a fist is misleading.
On the inside not a hair-
bone bristles.

Modern Ecology

One day the housecats woke up enormous.
Don’t know irony from goldfish
said a large voice small-ly.

The Melt

The perfect union
of lunch and sea,
hot cheese stringing
everything together.
And the Cow will lie down with the Tuna Fish.
Hello brother–
one large stomach to another.

Ballad of the Tuna from Snowy River

It did not come from Snowy River
or any river.
No voice runs deep enough
to sing this.

Meanwhile in the Rowboat

A silver legend
was capsizing.

Assembly Line

The grocery store aisle
a one thousand piece puzzle: medium difficult.
Each can has the picture, start with a tail
set it ticking.

Swimming with Dolphins

Some fish are luckier
than others.


Speed a deep pulse
the weight
of cold blood in a heart.
Goes on.