when I turn my head right before I know you’ll look
and you see a window to me?
no, you see, I say
our relation is fixed!

no, i do not take responsibility, because we are both an equal part
of a + b = c
where a is you, and b is me, and c is what we become
from one another
or what we take away
(i from you, you from me)
on our way to solvent, or solve,
or possibly dissolve,
to see what we can make
out of unequal charges.

but, if we both hold the same sign,
there’s a chance,
for c to be we
and end

no no no, let’s not leave the outcome to our offspring,
because we can ever meet eye to eye
with me turning away when I know you’ll look
unless i set up a mirror or two as parentheses
to deflect your sight
or distract you with light
suspending our sequence,
breaking the link, our chain, so to speak,
without knowledge of where we’ll meet
in a result undefined,
a new fate to be bet
warbling and warbling
like a wheel of roulette
but with variables and simple equations that stops
where a = b
if a is you, and b is me,
and = is two little lines of sight,
then yes, we are connected.