1. Claim CA005: Evolution promotes racism.

2. Claim CA010: Homosexuality is considered acceptable and even desirable by most evolutionists, who point out that homosexuality is common in many species.

3. Claim CA041: Students should be taught all sides of a controversial issue. Evolution should not be taught without teaching the controversy that surrounds it.

4. Claim CB301: The eye is too complex to have evolved.

5. Claim CE010: NASA scientists, using computers to track planetary motions, discovered that a day of time was missing, corresponding to biblical accounts of the sun’s standing still for Joshua for almost a day, plus the sun moving backwards forty minutes for Hezekiah.

6. Claim CF001: The second law of thermodynamics says that everything tends toward disorder, making evolutionary development impossible.

7. Claim CG001: Darwin renounced evolution on his deathbed.

8. Claim CH100: God’s word, the Bible, must be our ultimate authority. The Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it.

9. Claim CI001: Intelligent design theory is science.

10. Claim CI001.1: Intelligent design (ID) is scientific, not religious.