1. The celebrity chef loves her drone, posting its photos of her organic farm on a blog, and now hipsters picnic on farms illegally.

2. I love the robot even more desperately knowing it can’t love me back, will never lie, and is more attentive than my ex.

3. Taking a selfie with a star at the awards show through a telepresence robot, I post it with a link to my album, and the next day I’m a new celeb.

4. Mom doesn’t understand that Kim never remembers to do things, and the robot always does, so of course I fell in love.

5. The bot says I’m missed at the fandom forum, but I’m sure it’s really the star sending a coded message that she loves me too.

6. A blingbot carries shopping bags as I glides through a mall, dispensing money and smiles, and when I’m tired, I ride it home.

7. The Robo Entertainment Awards feature some stunning red carpet looks, but it’s a drone swarm that gets all the press.

8. Robbie the robot enjoys a crossword puzzle, waiting for a robonurse to help him back to his dock, since a charge doesn’t last long anymore.