This is a collaborative poem written by Grade 4 and 5 students on the contents of a “jar.” This jar was a prop that was used to discuss poetry and science, as well as segue into a DIY cloud chamber activity for detection of sub atomic particles.

– – –

What is in the jar? Anything?
Air is in the jar.
What is in the jar? A million bucks!
What is in the jar? A unicorn?

I think oxygen is in the jar.
I think Gummies are in the jar.
The molecules of the jar.
And the mind.

There is a whole world in the jar!
Air, gravity.

There are three old goblins waiting to steal gold and treasure from peoples’ hands and make them really mad!
Sinister dimensions conquered by the war of men and sinister creatures.
I think only red jelly beans are in the jar.

I think that water is in the jar.
A million dollars.
A SMALLER JAR *mind blown*

Anything can be in the jar! Stars can be in the jar.
Granola bars can be in the jar. Markers can be in the jar.
Water WATER is in the jar.
ANYTHING you want can be in the jar.

I would put nothing in the jar.
There is a piece of glass in the JAR.
There is an ocean in the jar.
I will put Mr. Wilton in the jar.

I see COOOOOKIES in the jar!