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Second guessing your PhD? You are not alone. In the fourth episode of the series, the characters are asked that question we’ve all been asked: “Why not med school?” This makes them wonder about life after their PhD. Meanwhile, Dave has office hours, and an upsetting decision forces Alex to scream in the coldroom.

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Cast: Frank R. Bailey IV, Daniela Tempesta, Walt Yao, Jonathan Tan, Jasleen Kaur, Dawn Williamson, Dave Walden, Cara Halseth, Diane Nhan, Tanveer Kahlon, Max Clough, and Phil Dundas.

Director of Photography: Jared Cheer

Written by: Suraaj Aulakh, Pam Lincez, Agatha Jassem, and Theresa Liao

Produced and Directed by: Suraaj Aulakh

Artwork by: Lauretta Yu