Old McDonald
2745 Barn St.
Chickenland, Canada

Dear Old McDonald,

I am writing on behalf of all the chickens on your farm. Life in this barn is very uncomfortable. We’re stuck in this barn 24/7. We never get to go and play with the chickens across the street. Last week, my friend George invited me to his birthday party, but you wouldn’t let me go. It feels like we can’t even communicate.

We don’t have any privacy here. There are 400 chickens sharing this barn. I can never get any alone time. I would appreciate it if we could each have our own rooms.
Do you know what really scares me? I overheard you talking on the phone with Colonel Saunders last night! We’re going to be sent to the slaughter house next week to be turned into fried chicken! I want to live!!! Please don’t send us to KFC!


Fred McChicken
2745 Barn St.
Chickenland, Canada

– – –

This piece was composed during the May 9th session of the Science Creative Literacy Symposia. During this day, students from Admiral Seymour Elementary School were guided through the construction of three aquatic biospheres, and were then asked to compose a letter from something or someone that is “voiceless”, but might nevertheless have something to say. More pieces from this class can be seen here.