I am on the side of humanity and truth. I agree to be accountable to you
Because I am a sucker for a grown-up: I forget adults do not exist.
I have a safety deposit box where I confess my pretexts.

Among them: I have known monsters without becoming monstrous.
I have longed for peace and justice at all times. I have only nine lives.
I am with the firm of Yours & Mine, and in the process of conducting a routine check,

I’d like you to confirm – don’t give it all away? But how will the young
Know the code, discover all the gradients between fight and flight, close the blinds
And undress to find their flesh is theirs and not ours, their bodies neither terrorists

Nor freedom fighters, but gravity’s rainbow of desire: grape-nuts and bolts,
Cerulean eyes embedded in the skin, green hair blooming everywhere, and gold;
The orange and red heat of head and lap, and the slate of torso where they join.

It is a terrible time to be young and strong, and believing in the end of the rainbow.
But for the skies, bending and swirling with light and color, hot and cold mixing
More and more, it is a time of beautiful violence: storms spreading,

Noctilucent splendor creeping south, expanding borders, falling clouds, and
Dissipating gulls. If only we were creatures of the air, our world on fire
With fresh spaces and faces only rising as the ceiling breaks, as the sky falls apart.