By Bryan Lin and Linnette Ocariza

Linnette Ocariza is a Master's student in Pathology & Lab Medicine, studying a potential therapeutic for an age-related eye disease. Apart from mothering cells in dishes, she also leads a youth group and coaches kids' basketball, where she is often mistaken for one of the players. Bryan Lin is a graduate student in the department of Pathology & Lab Medicine. Under the tutelage of Dr. Ed Pryzdial, he am searching for answers to how viruses form clots in our blood.


Annals of Praetachoral Mechanics (2014). Vol 1. pp79-87 download pdf ABSTRACT The lack of scientific findings in the biological relationship with the Force has limited the therapies available against Force hypersensitivity to psychological therapy. Our lab has unearthed the first link between the Force-enabling midi-chlorians and a regulated biological process, hair growth. Alopecia areata (AA) is a hair condition depicted by hair loss with varying degrees of severity. A recent study has revealed a strong correlation of AA with enhanced connection to the Force. Exome sequencing has revealed two hot spot mutations in the transmembrane protein “so much hair” hormone…