By carolinewiser

Caroline Wiser "earned" a degree in biochemistry. she is currently "earning" 8 bucks an hour at a health foods store. She has two morbidly obese cats she adopted from Hurricane Katrina, and they serve as her creative muses. She plans on pursuing her Ph.D. in biochemistry in the near future...until then, pine nuts, tofu dogs, and organic produce.


all was good in my baton rouge apartment. my backback had been loaded with all of the necessary books required for a night full of studying molecular cell biology. a feeling of virtue coarsed through my blackened veins. as i slung my bag ’round my shoulders and locked up the apt, i felt a severe burning sensation on my forearm. i looked at it and saw nothing, gave it the ole scratch n go, and went to my car. as i was driving, the sensation became a white hot shot of pain…i looked at it again, and it had ballooned…