all was good in my baton rouge apartment. my backback had been loaded with all of the necessary books required for a night full of studying molecular cell biology. a feeling of virtue coarsed through my blackened veins. as i slung my bag ’round my shoulders and locked up the apt, i felt a severe burning sensation on my forearm. i looked at it and saw nothing, gave it the ole scratch n go, and went to my car. as i was driving, the sensation became a white hot shot of pain…i looked at it again, and it had ballooned into a full-fledged allergic reaction. i of course began to freak, knowing that i had not noticed anything i came into direct contact with–and thought that i would most definitely be the next victim of the flesh eating bacteria. then i saw him…clad in his finest armor…a big, heinous caterpillar on my backpack….this was war. the whole ride to my friend’s place, i contemplated how i would end his pathetic life. i mean, how dare he fuck with me…does he know who i am? i can beat any third grader in the nation in a spelling contest—you dont just cheap shot someone like that. i arrived to my destination and his fate was nearing…but in a sudden flash of compassion, i just flicked him onto the grass…now here is the moral of the story….if the end of the world comes down to man versus caterpillar, i believe we will be the less barbaric of the two, for they are a cruel race, and i don the scars from their senseless brutality.