By christinemalcom

Christine Malcom is a physical anthropologist working in Southern Coastal Peru. She teaches archaeology, cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, human evolution, and primatology classes at various places in the Midwest. She has also worked as a bioinformaticist, editor for various scientific journals, and Gal Friday to the executive director of a women\'s networking organization. She is a recovering theater/film nerd, who has replaced these vices with cooking, knitting, singing (badly), playing guitar (worse), writing, and smoking (but not inhaling) various forms of pop culture.


(BodyWorlds 3 is currently in Vancouver at Science World, until January 14, 2007) I had a train-wreck experience about Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds. I had previously heard nothing about the man, his work, or the show before we headed out to see it at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, but one of my sources inside the museum world had mentioned that there had been a fair amount of controversy surrounding both von Hagens and the exhibit. The exhibit was divided into anatomical systems: locomotive, nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive, plus a kind of gallery of awe—bodies in motion, human…