By davidfinnessy

David Finnessy is a junior pursuing a biology degree at the University of Wisconsin Madison who was going to write a factual boring blurb about himself until he realized that nobody else did. He wishes that he had something clever to say like everyone else, but finally last week Wednesday while studying for organic chemistry, he wrote over the last bit of brain space that was associated with humor in order to memorize carboxylic acid derivatives. He would apologize in full if he had not over-written his conscious last year in preparation for a physics test.


Many science fiction writers have developed tales regarding mankind’s attempts to surmount the forces of nature that separate man from God. These works often portray the human species as a newcomer to Earth and as a brash and shortsighted community working feverishly towards its own demise. The history of this story has its modern roots in the late 1800s with the Transcendentalism movement in New England. Writers such as Edgar Alan Poe and Herman Melville, as well as their counterparts in England such as Mary Shelley, began examining the human spirit’s desire to conquer nature in their literature and the…