By davidhthomas

David H Thomas is principal clarinet of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. He has played clarinet professionally for 24 years. In 2001, David was a featured soloist on a CD made by the CSO. He has a variety of interests outside music, including poetry, gardening, cooking, drinking good wine and collecting antique American quilts. He has several blogs which can all be accessed at


(Note this is the first of five entries acquired from our “Keyword: Evolution” contest. Stay tune for Friday, when winning entry will be displayed). – – – – – It may take one smart spin or a hundred turns to burn revolutions into our minds, to create new synapses, blunders free of tattered storybook blurbs, to account for brilliant emergence of a universe blinking in billions of years, raising us from turds through countless failed goals into dreams of souls. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.