By davidjohnson

David Johnson has a bachelor of science in computer science from the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. He is now a graduate student at George Mason University in computer science. Between a full time job and school, he enjoys reading "Ulysses" by James Joyce obsessively. His outlets include playing bass, making light of serious things and whiskey.


(In which we present this piece to acknowledge that a bevy of FSM contest pieces will soon be presented in the upcoming weeks. This, of course, includes the one that will win $100 worth of Ramen noodles) – – – In the beginning, there was nothing. What happened thereafter has come under great debate, until now. Recent archeological finds and the forefront of scientific discoveries have aligned to reveal to us that He created all. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is set apart from average deities and is certainly not your average flash-in-the-frying-pan David Koresh or Heaven’s Gate Doctrine. No, as…