By farideunda

Faride Unda is a graduate student at the Plant Science Department at UBC; where she is figuring out a way to enhance disease resistance of an ornamental plant. Coming from the middle of the world, Ecuador, she still misses warm weather and latin dancing parties. Now she enjoys Vancouver's outdoor lifestyle with her little daughter.


From the time of Charles Darwin, it has been the dream of many biologists to reconstruct the evolutionary history of all organisms on Earth and express it in the form of a phylogenetic tree. Phylogeny uses evolutionary distance, or evolutionary relationship, as a way of classifying organisms (taxonomy). Phylogenetic relationship between organisms is given by the degree and kind of evolutionary distance. To understand this concept better, let us define taxonomy. Taxonomy is the science of naming, classifying and describing organisms. Taxonomists arrange the different organisms in taxa (groups). These are then further grouped together depending on biological similarities. This…