By Rahul “Anonick” Dandekar, Madhura Rane, Anisha “Anne” Zaveri, Adi Sengupta, Bimal Bharath, Srikanth Vishwanathan, Shatabdi “Express” Chaudhary, Siddharth “Sid” Joshi, Ravitej U., Anandi Rajan, Shivam Gupta, Preyas P., Ranaji Deb, Raj

We're mostly Engineering/Pure Science students from Mumbai, India, who decided to create a meme. And fittingly, no one in the group has met all the others. Even online.


A curve is a dot that flew like a hawki. An icosahedron is a dot that didn’t know where to stopii. A scribble is a dot not knowing what it soughtiii. A circle is a dot that just goes round and round, A coil is a dot that keeps getting woundiv. An exclamation is a dot with an erectionv. An asterisk is a dot with hairvi. A Buckyball is a dot that was out there to shopvii. A doodle is a dot that dances a loti. A colon is a dot who found true loveviii. A knot is a dot…