A curve is a dot that flew like a hawki.

An icosahedron is a dot that didn’t know where to stopii.

A scribble is a dot not knowing what it soughtiii.

A circle is a dot that just goes round and round,
A coil is a dot that keeps getting woundiv.

An exclamation is a dot with an erectionv.

An asterisk is a dot with hairvi.

A Buckyball is a dot that was out there to shopvii.

A doodle is a dot that dances a loti.

A colon is a dot who found true loveviii.

A knot is a dot that lost it’s path.
(disclaimer: in a closed space)ix

A star is a dot that’s really really hotv.
A tittle is a dotx.

Z is a dot after too many drinksxi.

A bot is a dot, out of silicon wroughtxii.

A semicolon is a dot taking a dumpxiii.

Ellipses are dots that decided to clumpxiv.

A division sign is a dot looking at the mirror in vain,
A curl is a dot that had too much champagneiv.

A comet is a dot with a wild streakxv.

A shooting star is a dot that can’t be caughtvii.
A squiggle is a dot that lost the plotxv.

An O is a dot yawningv.

A bulls eye is dot that is tough to spotxii.

A fuzzball is a dot with goosebumpsxvi.

A double helix is a dot that is entangled and can’t get outx.

A dot is not what you and I thoughtxvii.

A dot is a dot is a dotxviii.

So a dot is but a symbol that ends every line,
And hence with a dot we stop this silly rhymexiv.

i. Rahul “Anonick” Dandekar
ii. Madhura Rane
iii. Anisha “Anne” Zaveri
iv. Adi Sengupta
v. Bimal Bharath
vi. Srikanth Vishwanathan
vii. Shatabdi “Express” Chaudhary
viii. Siddharth “Sid” Joshi
ix. Ravitej U.
x. Anandi Rajan
xi. Shivam Gupta
xii. Preyas P.
xiii. Ranaji Deb
xiv. Raj Dabholkar
xv. Nikita Mehra
xvi. Rajani Rajan
xvii. Achal Agrawal
xviii. Nikhil Karthik