By Jen Matteis

Jen Matteis works as an editorial assistant for seven weekly newspapers. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and working on various unwieldy writing projects. Her favorite thing to do in life involves wandering around in the wilderness with heavy physical objects strapped to her back, a respite from the mental ones.


I. The ability of the common gray squirrel to act both as a particle and as a wave is a trait commonly observed yet not often remarked upon. Any human observer of this species will most likely perceive only the physical, or particle, behaviors of this alluring creature, and forgo its unusual and unsubstantiated (literally) wave properties. Of course, any scientist with half a brain, given that this half still holds the basic capabilities of reasoning and an extension to allow the half-brained individual an output of his/her perceptions, will know [and be able to state (or at least output)…