By Meg Eden

Meg Eden has been published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Claremont Review, Snow Monkey, The Rune, and Millers Pond. She has won various writing awards, including Columbia Scholastic Press Association's Gold Circle Award CM, Scholastic Writing and Arts' Gold Key Award, and Blue Mountain Arts' Poetry Contest. She is currently working with a literary agent with the hopes of publishing novel works. To see more go to


i am just a child. please hold my hands as i wade through these, &, everything. i want carl sagan to help me count the stars, i want to know just what it means that there are billions and billions of these things, & just what is the universe, & when is something called a biosphere? we are not plant cells. we do not have walls like mimes, we can not feel our boundaries and poke at them, we have no membranes. we are free, we wander, we fly. michio kaku writes dreams on strings, we are 1% different than…