By S.K.T. Nasar and S. Farzaan D. Nasar

S.K.T. Nasar is presently a Professor in the Department of Biotechnology of Bengal College of Engineering and Technology at Durgapur and continues to be an honorary Vice-President of Maromi Human Resource Development Society, an NGO, based in Kolkata. S. Farzaan D. Nasar is his eldest grandson. It was when he turned eight in 2009 that "grand papa" was challenged to play science with him.


We are grand father-grand son duo emotionally intertwined like the two complementary strands of a DNA duplex. Unlike the weak H bonds in the biomolecule, our attachment is due to divine bonds strengthened by a friendship extraordinaire. Farzaan, eight-year old grandson of the senior author, is a regular viewer of ‘Backyard Science’ shows on television. Some months ago he dared his grand father, a university teacher of plant cytogenetics to coach him perform molecular biology experiments in their home in Kolkata, India. The kid had jeered at his friend-grandpa: “You bore me incessantly with your books and bla bla about…