This page is the report centre for three biopsheres set up with a class from Vancouver’s Admiral Seymour Elementary School. This is part of the pilot run for the Science Creative Literacy Symposia. Full details for setting up the biosphere can be found at Martin John Brown’s website (direct link pdf of article published in MAKE magazine found here).

– – –

DAY 01

NOTES:(From left to right), [1] “Shrimpy’s New Home”; (shrimp names) Flipsy, Zippy; (smail names) Floaty, Gary, Boulder. [2] “Biosphere EJKKPPLF”; (shrimp names) Thumper, Jumper; (snail names) n/a; [3] “Schnomadome”; (shrimp names) John Doe, Boe Doe; (snail names) Roman, Yanderbin, Noma, Hair.

Some concern about floating snails (are they alive?). Amphipod counts could be low (~2 to 3 per biosphere). Water is cloudy due to oyster shell Calcium Carbonate.

– – –

DAY 04

NOTES: Order change [1] Biosphere EJKKPPLP, [2] Schnomadome, [3] Shrimpy’s New Home.

All shrimp look good No more snail “floaties.” Calcium Carbonate has cleared, so biospheres look quite pretty right now.

– – –

DAY 23

NOTES: Order [1] Biosphere EJKKPPLP, [2] Schnomadome, [3] Shrimpy’s New Home.

All shrimp still accounted for, and generally have increased in size by about 50%. Generally, they look happy and are still swimming happily around. Shrimpy’s New Home is fast becoming Snails’ New Home as it has a lot of new “baby snails.” Don’t see this so much in the other biospheres.