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O.K. o.k. so we’ve been ultra delinquent with keeping on top of the PF3 puzzle, and for that we heartily apologize.

But here we go – the proverbial home stretch. As it stands what did happen was that somewhere in the conversation, in the comments, in the hypothesizing, the answer was indeed found.

However, in a manner that some might say happens also in the scientific process, the answer when proclaimed was done so in a way that didn’t really reflect a full on “aha!” moment. Truth is, it seemed like maybe it was a lucky guess – we don’t know – maybe it wasn’t, but we’re of the opinion that based on the clues provided, if you know it, you would know you know it.

So… to keep things progressing, We’re going to go one step further than just saying “the answer” happened to have been uttered previously. We’re actually going to narrow it down to three of these guesses.

One of these is the real mccoy. The challenge is to see if you can you figure it out?

If it helps, click here to see a full on montage of every clue presented so far.

Anyway, leave your hypotheses here. Regardless of what happens, We’ll give out the answer on Christmas day. Good luck!