Christina wakes up with a huge smile.

Christina: Yay! It’s finally summer! Wind comes and Christina shivers.

Christina: Oh my gosh, it’s freezing cold today! I guess it’s time to bring out the aerosol cans!

Christina brings out the aerosol cans and walks outside and starts to spray the cans while humming the “song.” Elif the butterfly flies towards Christina.

Elif the butterfly: Cough, cough! Christina, you’re polluting the air! Spraying aerosol cans in the air is not going to heat up the Earth! Cough!

Mark carrying a lunch bag walks gingerly towards Christina and stares blankly at the aerosol cans. Elif the butterfly slowly descends towards the ground.

Mark: What are you doing Christina?

Christina: I’m heating up the Earth. Christina spins around.

Mark: Stop it Christina! Look at Elif the butterfly – she’s suffering from your actions! And you’re polluting the environment! Only the sun can heat up the Earth! Mark throws a lunch bag at Christina.

Christina: Oh… I never knew aerosol cans polluted the Earth and I never noticed that Elif the butterfly was suffering. Thank you Mark.

Christina stops spraying and throws cans in garbage can. Elif the butterfly gets up and flutters wings. Everyone smiles and has a group hug


– – –

This is material composed during a Science Creative Literacy Symposia on alternative fuels and screenplay writing. A YouTube video of students performing this piece can be found here.