Three teenagers are hanging out, when Joe drops his cigarette butt on the ground. Zoey gets mad at Joe for polluting the environment.

Zoey: Hey! Joe… Joe, you just accidentally dropped your cigarette butt on the ground. Joe rolls his eyes.

Joe: That wasn’t an accident.

Zoey gets VERY mad.

Zoey THERE IS AN ASH TRAY RIGHT THERE!! Micky, tell him he is littering!

Micky: Guys, just chill! It’s not a big deal.

Joe: Yeah Zoey, just chill.

Zoey grabs the cigarette from Joe and throws it in the ash tray.

Joe: Hey! That was mine. Just because I hate the environment, doesn’t give you the right to take MY cigarette from me.

Micky: Who cares! Let’s just forget this all, and go see a movie.

Zoey ignores Micky, since she is still angry at Joe.

Joe: You know what?!

Zoey: WHAT?!

Micky: Who cares?

Joe: Just for taking my cigarette, I’m going to purposely throw my plastic bag on the ground. Joe drops his garbage on the ground.

Micky: Guys, seriously… Zoey interrupts.

Zoey: If people pollute the Earth, in 20 years, we’ll be living in smog. People would be inhaling toxic waste, and by littering, you’re supporting that.

Joe: You’ re right, Zoey.

Micky: Finally! Now, let’s go see a movie…

– – –

– – –

This is material composed during a Science Creative Literacy Symposia on alternative fuels and screenplay writing. A YouTube video of students performing this piece can be found here.