SETTING: Carl’s house.

Joe: Hey Carl! What’s up?

Carl: Just sitting and throwing away recyclables… It’s really fun Carl is throwing stuff.

Mariah: Why are you just throwing away recyclables for fun?

Carl: ‘Cause it’s fun!

Joe: Recyclables are called recyclables because they’re supposed to be recyclable in the recyclable bin, which is why they’re called recyclables!

Carl: Whatever. Continues throwing recyclables.

Mariah: Catches recyclable in midair and throws it into the recycling bin. SEE?!? All you have to do is throw! … Not walk to the other of the room for every bottle you drink.

Carl: Yeah, you guys are right! Destroying the world isn’t as fun as I thought!


– – –

This is material composed during a Science Creative Literacy Symposia on alternative fuels and screenplay writing. A YouTube video of students performing this piece can be found here.