(Written on January 18th, 2010. Everyone in the class defined either “science” or “writing”. We then compiled them to define creativity.)

– – –

Creativity is exploring and discovering things unknown to man,
the study of life and the literature of learning,

discovering new and old things. It is putting your mind
on a piece of paper. Creativity is mixing chemicals and trying experiments.

It is poetry and books. Without it, the world would not be complete.
It’s a way to express yourself in a poem or a song, to make explosions.

Creativity is an idea that comes from your mind and everyday life.

It is discovering, improving technology, is important and
from your heart. It is tough. It is studying the world, studying humans
and animals. It’s spilling your feelings on paper. Creativity is
in a lab, is life on earth, tests and typing. It is looking and discovering,
and expressing feelings in different ways. It is like art but using school supplies.

It’s trying to learn from the past like trying to read for the first time.

Creativity is something you do with nature, numbers, and just about
everything. It’s the expression of knowledge that can be turned into something
beautiful. It’s when a pen touches paper and an idea is formed.

Something you feel and showing that feeling in a story or poem.

It is anything on your mind, learning things that are going on in the world.
It is recording what has happened to you or someone you know.

You can write a dream or even something you’ve made up.

It’s fact and imagination on paper. Like life, it’s difficult but full
of discoveries. It’s the mind’s paintbrush.