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Papers, deadlines, awkward conversations with your professor, and PhD job prospects – we tackle all these issues in our latest episode. But of course, we do it with some humour. Think managing your PhD is hard? Wait till you get into the real world. Be sure to watch this third episode all the way to the end.

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Cast: Frank R. Bailey IV, Daniela Tempesta, Walt Yao, Jonathan Tan, Jasleen Kaur, Dawn Williamson, Dave Walden, Cara Halseth, Diane Nhan, Tanveer Kahlon, Max Clough, and Phil Dundas.

Director of Photography: Jared Cheer

Written by: Suraaj Aulakh, Pam Lincez, Agatha Jassem, and Theresa Liao

Produced and Directed by: Suraaj Aulakh

Artwork by: Lauretta Yu