(Evidence for FSM)

Profound science uses mathematics to prove theories. This paper introduces fundamental algebra and Boolean logic into theology to prove that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one and only god. The perspective shown here makes any other philosophy senseless and undesirable. Actually it has the potential to negate even itself – dear god, what have I done?

Before starting to prove god, it is necessary to extend Boolean logic with a few new operators:

These 3 symbols are defined by the following relations, where x is an arbitrary variable of any dimension:

Additionally, some religiously important symbols have to be declared:

Now let the set of all major religions be defined as:

Simple vector algebra helps defining the logical religion equations where n < ∞, n є N:

The interpretation of n is not as easy as one may expect. It represents the amount of believed influence of god in everyday’s life. In Hinduism, two terms containing n are present because of the great number of gods they believe in. The FSM Church has one n factor because its god is still alive. The other elements of Я do either have a dead messiah or no god at all.

As you may have noticed, a god difference ∆ (“delta god”) is present, which can of course be calculated by summation of all god factors:

This outstanding quadratic equation will be solved later in this paper.

In general the faith symbol is defined to be the sum of god’s influence on earth:

Lemma: All elements of Я show a profound conservation of faith. This is similar to the conservation of energy in physics.

Sometimes, someone ministers an ecumenical church service. In this case, the god difference is zero. A little historical excursus leads us to Ecumenes, who was the first one to prove this important equation. Ecumenes fulfilled all criteria of a human being except the criterion of existence. What a pity. This important equation also allows solving the quadratic equation mentioned earlier:

Lemma: Solving the first principle of Ecumenes leads to introducing the complex numbers into FSM-Theologebra.

The next issue illustrates how useful mathematical methods applied on non-algebraic subjects can be. In general, the gradient results in the direction of a multidimensional structure. Assuming that god is a multidimensional structure, the divergence of god, written , represents god’s will. Applying our extended Boolean structure on the Nabla symbol, we can define it as the derivation after && (then-and-only-then) and ## (not-or-never) and insert the god operator:

A different philosophical approach to this topic brings us closer to the question: “What does god really want?” This is very easy to answer. God wants faith to arise with greater influence and he wants himself to arise with greater influence. This results in a second equation for god’s will:

In words: God’s will is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Inserting this result into the earlier result for god’s will implies

Spoken: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – so it is.