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there’s a trend but the error is big
increase the N
the rat’s no good use the guinea pig
increase the N
the antibody’s weak the background high
increase the N
my P value is bigger than pi
increase the N

increase the N
ramp it up
i need another hundred let’s cut it up
my wild-type is out of control
increase the N let’s rock’n’roll

the blot is shit the signal strong
increase the n
it’s above control there’s something wrong
increase the n
mass-spec it baby give me the truth
increase the n
once is not enough i need proof
increase the n

(chorus and repeat everything as necessarily)

– – –

Click here to go to HEFE’s myspace page, where you can listen to the song in all its glory.

Click here to listen to a rough version, and bare witness to what happens when scientists rock! This track comes courtesy of HEFE and was recorded from a single microphone in a dark and dingy practise space somewhere in Vancouver.



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