“FILTER” The name says it all really.
The Science Creative Quarterly is, at the heart of it all, a project aimed at getting folks to talk a little more science. And if we were to expand this further, it is to get non-science folks to play a little as well. This, we’ve been doing in a pseudo literary sort of way with the SCQ, and we hope also in a reasonably successful sort of way.
But quite often, with respect to our roles as teachers and communications, we find something that let’s us talk science a little easier. And these are things that aren’t just text, not exactly literary. Just good – good for a few seconds. Maybe it’s something funny, curious, or inspiring. We’re talking about elements that work well in the context of that presentation you’re designing to deliver to your peers, your classroom, your basic denizens of the general public.
So this is what the FILTER is all about. It’s about us educators finding and presenting things that don’t necessarily educate (there’s lots of good stuff out there that already does that), but rather works in the context of providing that chuckle, a transition point, or a much needed break in the dryness that can develop during the act of communicating science.
And we hope you use this stuff – because as educators of note, we know it happens to work. And that’s a good thing, right? Seriously now: Who’s going to argue for the world needing a little more awe and respect for the sciences?
You are of course.

Please take a moment to browse the SCQ’s filter