This poem is a collective construction from one of our symposia days. Each student wrote one line about the topic they chose (rubber gloves), and then the students put the lines in order to create a poem. The instructors let the students have free reign over their collective creative process, and they wrote it and put it together within five minutes. More pieces from the day can be found here.

– – –

God! How do you put these ON?!?!?!?!?
The rubber glove is blown up like a balloon, used to whack people.
They snap! They really help nurses save lives! They come in different colours,
and make funky balloons who can HIGH-five! (Ha! Get it?)
You pull them on, and they stick between your fingers.
Rubber gloves are very uncomfortable, however necessary.
Pale blue, horrible smell, hands covered, sweating irritably.
They Feel Really Weird.
Stretchy, oh so STRETCHY.
Feeling like you want to burst with the heat.
Hero Jaejung likes wearing them.
They make great balloons that float up to the heavens.
It’s probably hard to play video games while wearing rubber gloves. I’ve never tried.
The latex material squishes between your fingers as they move.
Protective, wearable, made of rubber, sounds like “gloves.” What are they?
Full of sweat, no breath for my hands.
Congealed sweat smells.
My hand is blue.