(Evidence for FSM)

Over the last century, the average global temperature has been able to be measured fairly accurately. Before this, temperature could not be measured very well, and good data are not available. The general scientific consensus is that over the last century, the average global temperature has raised linearly a total of 0.6 +/- 0.2 degrees Kelvin [1] to finally reach the current average temperature of 287.67K [2]. Using this data, the very common scientific method of extrapolation can be used to find an approximation to the average global temperature as a function of the year. If the data is extrapolated all the way back, it can be used to find the date when the earth had an average global temperature of zero Kelvin. This date would correspond to the date of the creation of the earth. To find this date, we use the previous information to find that the earth’s temperature rises 0.006 +/- 0.002 Kelvin per year by the equations below.

0.6 Kelvin / 100 years = 0.006 K/yr
0.2 Kelvin / 100 years = 0.002 K/yr

Then, we can use the integral below over the domain of existence from the time of creation to the present date to represent the situation.

Then, it is easily solved for x like done below:

Now, an estimation to the error can be found like in any good scientific study. The method of error estimation used here isn’t rigorous, but works well for most cases. To solve for δx, m and δm are used here as 0.006 and 0.002 respectively.

Therefore, this is evidence that the earth was created 45,994 years BC +/- 16,000 years.

Furthermore, at the time of creation, the earth was perfect and ordered. From the 3rd law of thermodynamics, the disorder (entropy) of a perfect earth at 0 Kelvin is zero, which means that the earth was perfectly ordered. Since creation, it has been found that spontaneous reactions happen if the universe becomes more disordered (more like spaghetti). The flying spaghetti monster has a very disordered structure, and the world always goes through natural processes to become more like the image of its creator. The thermodynamic symbol that is most often used to represent disorder (entropy) in physical chemistry is “S” also, which is suspiciously close to “Spaghetti-monster” This coincidence can be explained by the manipulation of science by his noodly appendage.

Another conclusion that can be drawn from these new scientific facts is that there were an infinite number of pirates when the earth was created. Since it has been long known that there is an inverse relationship between the average temperature of the earth and the number of pirates, the equation below can show this relationship:

Now, the limit of this can be taken as the temperature approaches zero.

So, it can be concluded that in the beginning, there was an infinite number of pirates.

These new scientific facts show that the earth was created, the universe tends to resemble its creator through spontaneous reactions, and there were an infinite number of pirates when the earth was created.


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