The Science Creative Quarterly is pleased to release its first volume of both a print offering of collected works, AND the much vaulted Annals of Praetachoral Mechanics. This is over 200 pages of creative science writing, including works of fiction, creative non-fiction, a play, humour, poetry, as well as an impressively large section on Wookiees (and that amazing cover by Fotis Varthis).

Highlights include:

A Game Theoretic Approach to the Toilet Seat Problem By Richard Harter

Six Stories by Sara Goudarzi

Limulus and Charlie by Jim Ruland

Mass by Lauren Gunderson

The BPA Disruptor (A Short Play) by Dwight E. Watson

Wookiee foreplay: Transgenerational epigenetic regulation of force-sensitivity by elaborate duet song by Abhinav Kumar and Jacky Leung.

and many more!

– – –

In essence, half the tome is a presentation of over 25 of our favourite SCQ pieces published during the last ten years, whilst the other half is a fully authentic rendering of a peer reviewed journal dedicated to Wookiee genomic science research (you can see the papers here).

To read one or the other, you just flip the book around, and turn it right side up. Best of all, it’s being sold at a revenue neutral price (you pay only for the printing and shipping), and is available in two different formats. A pricey but gorgeous looking (and feeling) colour version with high quality stock paper, as well as a very reasonably priced black and white interior, lower bond paper version.

Annals of Praetachoral Mechanics Volume 1 (BW interior edition)
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Annals of Praetachoral Mechanics Volume 1 (Special High Quality Edition)
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In fact, we think the prices are so reasonable that if you have an extra $5 or $10 to spare, we strongly encourage you to send it on to your favourite charity. If you don’t have one, here are a few suggestions that are great and vetted by us. You can contribute to:

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David Ng