Everyone in the class defined either “science” or “writing.” We compiled them to define “creativity.”

– – –

Creativity is learning, experimenting, teamwork and interest.

It is putting things together to make the unknown,

a really cool subject because there is no such thing as bad art.

It is the unknown world of living things, expressing yourself,
and emotions, what you are thinking, and taking risks.

Creativity is painting drawing, poetry, learning about
nature, the solar system, body, electricity, water, food and plastic.

It is a project, something you make that can be a masterpiece
to express your feelings. It is a way of describing something.

It is making a word or phrase or something
very beautiful and wonderful. It makes things delightful and majestic.

Creativity is an exciting way to do things
and a fun way to discover new inventions.

It is observing and predicting. It is precise and mysterious.

It has millions of meanings but no right or wrong.

Creativity is using all of your senses,
someone who has a good imagination.

It is something that you learn about when you study the world.

Creativity is when you can do anything without rules.

If the stars are from space and heat is from the sun
then creativity is asking where water comes from.

It is people who study many things and form letters into sentences.

It is something that is mysterious that makes you curious to things like:
how did soil help trees grow, and how did trees create oxygen to help us breathe?

It is someone who studies stuff and who uses lots of time to make just one piece of art.

It is a story. A person who learns about science and about almost everything.

Creativity is a study of how life started. It is sometimes a mystery,
but also sometimes an answer to everything.