This is a collaborative poem written by Grade 4 and 5 students on the contents of a “jar.” This jar was a prop that was used to discuss poetry and science, as well as segue into a DIY cloud chamber activity for detection of sub atomic particles.

– – –

A world where anything is possible.
A mini kitty cat.
A TINY transparent unicorn!
A wizard under an invisibility cloak.
NOTHING AT ALL (except for germs to put it in specific terms)!

There are words about poetry, like rhyming words.
There are poetic things. They are beautiful.
There are good things. They are colourful.
There are words about poetry – like HAIKU words.

Ashley (ME!) is in the jar.
I think there are many invisible poems in the jar.

An evil banana (with wings!)
Something that is impossible and invisible and wonderful and imaginary in the jar. In my point of view.
I think NOTHING is in the jar!!!

Ideas are in the jar!
I think crazy ideas are in the jar!
I think magic is in the jar.
I think air made out of ideas is in the jar. I think poetry air is in the jar.

TORONTO BLUE JAYS. Buy a fat fig and he hits a grand slam.
Or a pig flying through space!
I THINK A WIZARD OF WORDS IS INSIDE the jar, creating new words for poems and rhymes.
I think there are invisible words in there.

I think I am in the jar. I am happy.
I think GERMS are in the jar. I think (imagine) a beautiful butterfly is in the jar.
I saw light in the jar.
I want to fill coffee in the jar.
My head is in the jar.